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Fandango Staff Picks: Coolest Adventure Films

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We love all kinds of movies, but there’s something exciting about adventure films that really fuels our fire, especially the ones that inspire us to go on an adventure of our own. We can’t get enough of adventure movies because they often feature exotic locations, memorable special effects and thrilling stunt work that leaves you wondering how they pulled it all off. 

To spark rediscovery of cool adventure movies, we’ve put together a video that will surely kick off happy memories — or maybe provide inspiration for a first-time viewing or two! All of these films are available to watch in a special playlist on FandangoNOW and Vudu. Here is what you need to know and why you need to watch these films now.


The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Cast: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom

Get adventurous: An epic tale comes to life with a great cast.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Lovable heroes, hissable villains, beautiful scenery and a captivating quest.

Words to live by: “If I take one more step, it’ll be the farthest away from home I’ve ever been.”

Did you know: Sean Astin gained more than 30 pounds to play his role as Samwise.


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Cast: Tilda Swinton, Georgie Henley, William Moseley

Get adventurous: Travel through a wardrobe into a wild world of strange beasts and grave dangers to meet your destiny.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Young people find their proper place in a magical, mystical universe.

Words to live by: “May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.”

Did you know: A very brief shot of the feet of Edmund (Skandar Keynes) was needed, but the actor was not present that day. So Anna Popplewell, who played Susan, agreed to wear Edmund’s clothes from the waist down and portrayed his feet for that shot.



Cast: Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House

Get adventurous: A young woman sets off on an epic journey to heal her island.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Moana is determined to chart her own path in life on behalf of her people, without any expected distractions.

Words to live by: “I am not a princess. … If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.”

Did you know: Lin-Manuel Miranda agreed to write the music before his Broadway musical Hamilton became a smash.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Cast: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman

Get adventurous: An archeologist accepts a government job to find a legendary treasure before evildoers can unleash its awesome powers.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Indiana Jones and his fedora, unstoppable action, battling Nazis.

Words to live by: “I’m making this up as I go.”

Did you know: The boulder was a prop that weighed about 500 pounds; also, that’s really Harrison Ford running for his life, not a stunt double!


The Jungle Book

Cast: Neel Sethi, Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley

Get adventurous: A man-cub learns about life from his animal family and discovers his true identity.

What makes it such a cool adventure: The animals all have their own distinctive personalities, for good and for bad.

Words to live by: “I realize you weren’t born a wolf, but couldn’t you at least act like one?”

Did you know: The monkeys, along with the elephants, are the only animals in the movie who don’t talk, besides a few animals that appear only briefly.


Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black

Get adventurous: Teenagers are transformed into new characters when a video game comes to life.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Each teen becomes an adult who is very different than their own expectations.

Words to live by: “It’s a lot easier to be brave when you’ve got lives to spare. It’s a lot harder when you only have one life.”

Did you know: Elements from different rhino species were combined to make the rhinos appear unique in the fantastical environment.


Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Cast: Isabella Moner, Eugenio Derbez, Michael Pena

Get adventurous: A young hero embarks on an epic journey to save her parents and discover the secrets of a lost city.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Dora appears to be an average high school student, but she’s whip-smart and has a heart for adventure.

Words to live by: “There are a lot of things more dangerous than a wounded animal. A healthy animal, for starters.”

Did you know: Jeffrey Wahlberg, who plays Diego, Dora’s cousin, is the nephew of Mark Wahlberg; Isabella Moner previously costarred in two films with him.


The Mummy

Cast: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah

Get adventurous: A small group of intrepid explorers encounter rival explorers who unleash an unholy terror.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Friends and siblings must work together to conquer a powerful force.

Words to live by: “I only gamble with my life, never my money.”

Did you know: Wind machines that were employed to approximate a sandstorm kept blowing up the costume of Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), which explains why the camera keeps moving up suddenly.


How to Train Your Dragon

Cast: Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Get adventurous: Intent on killing a dragon, a young Viking instead becomes friends with one.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Flying through the clouds and forming new relationships on the ground.

Words to live by: “I’m the first Viking who wouldn’t kill a dragon!”

Did you know: In Cressida Cowell’s original children’s book, Toothless was believed to be a dragon who was of a breed that could not fly, which was changed for the film.


Night at the Museum

Cast: Jerry Stiller, Carla Gugino, Ricky Gervais

Get adventurous: A new museum security guard learns that the animals and exhibits can come to life at night.

What makes it such a cool adventure: It feels like it was plucked from a child’s delightful imagination.

Words to live by: “I’m made of wax, Larry. What are you made of?”

Did you know: The bone that Larry (Ben Stiller) throws to play fetch with Rexy the T. Rex is his rib bone.



The Call of the Wild

Cast: Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Omar Sy, Karen Gillan

Get adventurous: A sled dog must follow his own instincts to survive.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Buck, the sled dog, is brave and fearless as he overcomes continual challenges in the great outdoors.

Words to live by: “I knew him once, when he was just a dog at a man’s side.”

Did you know: Buck is a mixed-breed dog in the original novel by Jack London; this is the first time that he has been depicted as a mixed-breed dog on screen.



Cast: Ming-Na Wen, Eddie Murphy, B.D. Wong

Get adventurous: To save her father, a young woman poses as a man, joins the army and becomes a mighty warrior.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Mulan defies familial and cultural expectations to prove herself and determine her own destiny.

Words to live by: “How about a girl who’s got a brain, who always speaks her mind?”

Did you know: Two stunt people, Mimi Chan and George Cheung, served as the “martial arts video references” for Mulan and Li Shang, respectively.


The Princess Bride

Cast: Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon

Get adventurous: A storybook romance full of fighting and the search for true love.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Memorable characters, witty dialogue, brave derring-do, smashing action.

Words to live by: “As you wish.”

Did you know: Mandy Patinkin trained for six months to prepare for the swordfight, while Cary Elwes trained for four months; both actors did all their own sword fighting.


National Treasure

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean, Jon Voight

Get adventurous: A historian must decipher a series of baffling clues to rescue a legendary treasure.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Bold characters, an intriguing mystery and unexpected adventures.

Words to live by: “I’m gonna steal the Declaration of Independence.”

Did you know: Leading characters in the Gates family were named after founding fathers Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry and John Adams, while Abigail Chase combines the first name of John Adams’ wife with the last name of founding father Samuel Chase.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Cast: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley

Get adventurous: A pirate and a blacksmith team up to rescue a kidnapped young woman.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Swashbuckling pirates, lost treasure and romantic devotion.

Words to live by: “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!”

Did you know: Keira Knightley was only 17 years old during filming; her mother accompanied her throughout production.


Back to the Future

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson

Get adventurous: A high-school student travels through time and must make sure his parents meet so he can return and save his friend.

What makes it such a cool adventure: Meeting your parents as teenagers and seeing the world through their eyes.

Words to live by: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Did you know: A preview audience saw the movie before all the visual effects were completed, so the final scene was presented in black and white, without effects. Nonetheless, the audience roared in approval.


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