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‘Do Not Touch My Clothes’: Afghans call out Taliban dress codes by posing in traditional attire

LONDON -- Afghan women in Canada and around the world are...

Trapped in Afghanistan, Rescued by Volunteers: How a Handful of Americans Freed 5,000 Afghans

Zach Van Meter, a private-equity investor from Naples, Fla., phoned the government of Somaliland...

In Kabul, Private Rescue Efforts Grow Desperate as Time to Evacuate Afghans Runs Out

A disparate group of American veterans, military contractors, aid workers and former spies is...

Special forces working outside of Kabul airport to escort Canadians, Afghans onto flights to Canada: official

The federal government has confirmed for the first time that Canada's special forces are operating outside the security cordon of the airport in Afghanistan's capital,...

‘No way out’ for imperilled Afghans, broader international response needed |

“UNHCR remains concerned about the risk of human rights violations against civilians in this evolving context, including for women and girls”, said spokesperson Shabia Mantoo from...

Displaced Afghans face ‘continued deterioration’ in country |

The IOM estimates that more than 300,000 Afghans have been internally displaced by the recent intensification of the conflict and in June some...

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