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Breaking Point Trailer Reveals the Last Episode of Netflix’s Sports Docuseries

Netflix released the first trailer for UNTOLD: Breaking Point, the fifth...

Why Greek Isn’t Subtitled in Netflix’s Beckett

Beckett, the second feature film by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino is now streaming on Netflix. The film stars John David Washington as an American tourist that winds...

Netflix’s New Marie Kondo Trailer Is Sparking Joy

It has been nearly three years since we welcomed Marie Kondo...

How John David Washington’s NFL Background Aided Netflix’s Beckett

Before John David Washington became an acclaimed actor, he had a successful athletic career playing football.While Washington went undrafted after college, the son...

Review: In Netflix’s ‘Cooking With Paris,’ Paris Hilton Owns the Joke

“Excuse me, sir? What do chives look like?” Paris Hilton is trying to convince us that she’s never been to a grocery...

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