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First Nations vote a potential ‘kingmaker’ in federal election outcomes for northern Ontario

Candidates and party leaders are criss-crossing their ridings and the country seeking every last vote in the final days of campaigning for Monday's federal...

Understanding how reductive stress is controlled may help personalize treatment of heart failure patients, leading to better outcomes — ScienceDaily

Last year, University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers reported that reductive stress -- an imbalance in the normal oxidation/reduction homeostasis -- caused pathological...

Do vitamin D supplements offer kidney-related benefits for individuals with high diabetes risk? Trial shows no significant effects on kidney outcomes — ScienceDaily

A recent clinical trial described in CJASN has examined the potential of vitamin D supplementation for protecting the kidney health of individuals with...

‘Where does it hurt?’ predicts chronic pain outcomes, study shows — ScienceDaily

Pain distribution as reported on a body map, on its own, can be used to assign patients to distinct subgroups that are associated...

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