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This Cartoon Is More Popular Than Rick And Morty On HBO Max

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If you haven’t heard of Rick and Morty we want to know what rock you’ve been living under! The comedic sci-fi series has a massive fanbase and even Zack Snyder has said he’d be willing to direct a movie about the franchise. With the latest season airing now, the show has topped the charts as the most popular on HBO Max for 27 days in a row — until now.

It seems the power of childhood nostalgia has utterly defeated the comedic adventures of Rick and the gang this time. Codename: Kids Next Door was made available on the platform on January 1st, 2021 but has only just now surpassed the massively popular newer show.

Codename: Kids Next Door features an incredible list of voice talents including Ben Diskin, Lauren Tom, Dee Bradley Baker, and Cree Summer. The surprisingly deep lore behind the fictional Kids Next Door group is utterly fantastic for adult fans to dig through while younger viewers will enjoy the slapstick comedy and various gags throughout the series.

Fans have been calling for a sequel to the show for years and there was even one planned at one point titled Galactic Kids Next Door. Will the show’s current dominance on HBO Max make Cartoon Network consider bringing it back? Only time will tell…

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